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About Us

To  enable sustainable finance strategies and methodologies to be embedded into Sub-Saharan Africa, Climate Transition Ltd have resolved to develop a bespoke consultancy offering, to empower its clients to catalyze large investments in addressing global sustainability challenges and driving low carbon economies, whilst aligning strategies and portfolios to the Paris Agreement.  

Climate Transition Ltd is here to advise and guide you through the following risks and opportunities:


  • Worldwide energy price shocks, crop failure and water shortages, involuntary migration from low-lying areas, and increasing trade tensions between the developed and developing worlds. These are just some of the climate-related challenges societies will confront in coming years

  • Financial institutions increasingly looking to understand the challenging risks and resultant opportunities presented by climate change 

  • Risks posed to the stability of the broader financial system by climate change and the transition to a more sustainable economy 

  • Financial regulators have also taken notice, encouraged by changing guidance and legislation across the globe. This fast-paced adoption and appreciation of the risks is challenging most in terms of implementation and reporting. 


Contact us for more information and an informal discussion around the challenges you may be encountering.


For the last 7 years our Co-founders have focused on understanding the challenges of implementation in Africa and are best placed to provide internationally recognised and pragmatic 'can do' solutions, that can be adopted as regional best practice. 


ESG / Sustainable finance is soon to be mandated into every business. It will influence your strategy and become part of the  overall narrative and purpose of your organisation  


Every aspect of your business shall be in the spotlight from how you treat your investment partners investments, acceptance of collateral, your employees, your supply chain and how you collect, review, manage and report data. Climate Transition Ltd is here to provide guidance and advice as to how best navigate this continually innovating and fast-moving environment. 


Climate risk reporting is more than a rating of your business.  It is now critical to your investment strategies & economic outlook. It is increasingly significant for investors and will be an influential factor in determining who will and can-do business with you in the future.  


At Climate Transition Ltd we have spearheaded the actualization of sustainable finance into Sub-Saharan Africa. We have engineered financial solutions in partnership with third parties that provide accurate data collection and  transparency of reporting. We ensure that your climate commitments are systematically captured and reported to best articulate and reflect the climate resilience of your business and your sustainability credentials to your stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the consultancy organisation of choice in climate transition and sustainable finance in every market we serve.

Our Commitment to Clients

We are committed to excellent and timely delivery in all projects we undertake.

Our Mission

To provide bespoke climate related solutions to our clients that support excellence in sustainability performance.

Our Core Values







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