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Carbon Trading for African Organizations – The Fundamentals©


Carbon pricing i.e. allocating a fee to carbon emitting or incentivizing carbon savings, is widely seen as the most cost-effective way to achieve emissions reduction. Carbon pricing is at the core of creating the shift in consumption and investment patterns needed to successfully address key climate and sustainability challenges.

Whilst various carbon pricing approaches and initiatives are currently in existence, they cover only 15% of carbon dioxide emissions globally i.e., approximately 8gigatons of CO2e. African organizations can leverage the global drive to lower carbon emissions, by improving their understanding of carbon markets and actualizing the investment opportunities and innovation to drive increased carbon trading and facilitate the financing of low-carbon infrastructure on the Continent.


Participants attending this course will gain a thorough understanding of carbon markets and their roles in addressing global and regional climate challenges.

Facilitators will explain the dynamics and regulatory frameworks for carbon markets, as well as the workings of various mechanisms for reducing carbon emissions. An introduction to carbon pricing instruments, market trends and pricing strategies will be given.


    • Understanding Global and Regional Environmental Challenges
    • The Need for Carbon Markets and Transitions
    • The Evolution of Carbon Markets
    • Global and African Carbon Market Trends
    • Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Carbon Markets
    • Carbon Market Mechanisms and Pricing Strategies
    • Actualizing Opportunities for Trading Carbon


Executive Management

Finance or environmental professionals, policymakers, or business leaders.


Masterclass – 1 Day

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