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Sustainable Finance for Africa©


In over a decade, sustainable finance has gained much-needed significance, with industry and investors increasingly recognizing the importance of embedding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations when making financial decisions.

While sustainable finance flows have increased globally, growth has been slower in Africa. There is a dire need for increased finance targeted at resolving the Continent’s sustainability challenges; to reduce its development gap and to increase the flow of capital to assets, projects and businesses that bring about environmental and social benefits for Africa.


This course will ensure participants gain an understanding of the relevance of finance within the concept of sustainability, while transferring knowledge on the global and regional environmental and social issues, risks and challenges that necessitate financial interventions.

Participants will understand the practical means, approaches and strategies for assessing sustainable investment opportunities and for identifying and integrating various ESG factors into financial and investment decision making in African organizations.


    • Global and African Sustainable Development Challenges
    • An Introduction to Sustainable Finance
    • Understanding and Integrating ESG Criteria/Factors into Financial Decision Making
    • The Role of African Financial Institutions, Policymakers and Regulators in Sustainable Finance
    • Sustainability Best Practices, Policies and Regulations
    • Sustainable Finance and Capital Market Instruments
    • ESG Data, Measurement and Reporting
    • Case Studies and Trends


Executive Management

Professionals in Investment and asset management, banking and sustainability roles


Executive Briefing – 2hrs

Masterclass – 1 Day

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